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Romantic Encounters


View from the Pacific Ocean

The Dona Marta Boutique Hotel has an idyllic setting for those special romantic moments in your life. Moments and encounters you wish to treasure always guaranteed by its VERY private location and access to the beach. Surrounded with high walls, beautiful gardens and fountains, we ensure our guests complete privacy and security. This is an enchanted place and many have found the treasures of a lifetime here

We are so happy to be able to acknowledge some of the many folks who have found the love of their life on line. Then stayed with us and finalized things by getting married. We especially thank Paul and Elsa, Kevin and Jasmin, Bob and Maricel, Gijsbert and Liza, Shirleen and Michael, Kurt and Maricel plus others who stayed with us and are planning future weddings, love blooms here and we are delighted to be a part of this. We attended Bob and Maricel's wedding a short time ago and it was a wonderful affair

Beautiful Hinunangan

Our latest VIDEO will help you in making a decision about your Vacation

 This is a good time to clear up one of those weather misunderstandings. Manila is located in Luzon (north of us) and the rainy season there is June through November. We are in the Visayas and the rainy season here is January through March, so our summer is full of brilliant sunshine not rainy downpours, a good place to spend your summer vacations